secure your best race event with top race electronics solution

Consultancy - Value Engineering

  • Struggle to choose future-proof Race Electronics (Special Electronics) Systems and Equipment for your private, international or an F1 race event?
  • Puzzled over the compliance of your race electronics solution with FOM and FIA regulations?
  • Bound by tight deadlines of the upcoming race and cost constraints?
  • Wondering if you got offered too much (not necessarily required) equipment from other suppliers?
Get the professional advice on Race Electronics (Special Electronics) Systems based on over 13 years of expertise from race tracks around the world.

Project Management

Are you planing to integrate your own Race Electronic System but dont know how to start? Not an issue, we can manage it together …

Race Electronics - System Integration

One of the key systems for the saefty and the success of your event is Race Electronics or sometimes Special Electronics called. We will deliver any kind of Race Electronic System and ELV (Extra Low Voltage System) according to your needs. Learn more about available systems…

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