Communication in Race Events is essential for the safety of the teams and spectators as well to coordinate your own staff. We will make sure that you have the right technology to do so.
Doesn´t matter if TETRA or DMR, we will chose the right solution for you.


CCTV cameras need to cover all of your race track to allow the officials to make the right decision at the right time and not to miss anything on track – again, safety is a key factor.
Low latency of camera signals is a key factor.
Depending of the event, you need to store all these footage in real time and to share it with organisations like FIA.


This system makes sure that all the officials inside Race Control can communicate with each other, without screaming from one side of the room to the other. It also gives you the possibility to talk directly to the Marshals around the race track and even allows you to connect directly to the Radio Communication System. 


Without Giant Screens specatators can view only a small part of the race track and miss interessting and important moments of the race.Position Giant Screens in good viewing distance and angle to the spectators to let them have a good experience and to make them come back.


A Race Electronics System Integration consists of hundred of devices. To make sure that you know what is happening in real time with your equipment you need a Management System. This will allow you to be alerted by any upcoming technical problem or let you control sub-system directly from there.


Car Racing, Dragster Racing, Karting, Bikes etc. all of them need to get their race results. A professional Timekeeping system is a key system to deliver this information.
Information about timing results, speed, etc. can be sent live via the existing TV system or can be broadcasted online on your website.


To enhance spectator experience a commentator can broadcast live through this system and keep all of the audience informed about the actual race, history of a driver or any kind of other information.
Another function is to broadcast press conferences live to the Media Center where all the journalists and other press people are located.


This system is providing Internet to all the required areas. Journalists and Photographers are “bandwidth hungry”.
Apart from that, all other system are running “on” the data network, of course well protected from the outside world. 
A key advantage of all IP base systems is the full redundancy of a well designed data network.


The fiber optic backbone, is the “heart” of your systems. It provides interferance free, high speed communication to all of the Race Electronic devices. Some system still require copper cables. We will make the full design for you.


IP TV or analogue SMATV System, that is the question. Maybe a Hybrid System combining both technologies is the solution. Depending on the events you host we will decide what type of TV System will fit you the best.
TVs need to be installed in Official Offices, some TVs in VIP areas are never a mistake, lets talk about it.


Depending on the Race Series Electronic Light Flags are required. 
A permanent installation allows you to reduce the number of Marshal depending on the kind of event – cost optimization is the magic word.

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